Privacy Policy

Bun Karyudo

Have a look at my profile picture. As someone with a bag on my head, I take your privacy very seriously! My operating model is as follows:

a) I write posts on my blog.

b) Visitors read my posts.

That’s it! The site does not collect, store or share personal identifying information about visitors. Any non-identifying information that is automatically collected is used only for such things as analyzing trends, finding how visitors navigate around the site, and giving demographic information about users as a whole. If they prefer, visitors can opt out of this by changing their browser setting so as not to allow cookies.

The website is for sharing new posts with anyone who is interested and for no other purpose.

Readers can if they wish subscribe to the site’s mailing list in order to be sent notification of new posts. Subscribers can opt out of this at any time and their email address will be completely discarded.

In the unlikely event that anything in this privacy policy changes in the future, a clear notice will be posted on the site with one month’s notice.
If you have any questions about issues related to privacy, please feel free to contact me at